Why meditate

August 30, 2010

At the University of California scientists have found that the brain is a beehive of activity when exploring new information such as novel experience; at least in the rats they have studied. The new data obtained from the study has to do with our memory function; rats cannot remember, for long, at least, much of the new information they encounter during their adventures of the day, if they do not take a break.

Too much information is simply too much of a good thing and hinders long term memory; we need to chill and get Zen with it.

That blank stare into space, which you used to disqualify as unproductive, might just be the ingredient that makes every thing else fall into place and worth your while.

Cell phone galore and real time updates of everything from e-mail, to Facebook and Twitter; never ending music and other listening activities, meetings and conversations; they all take a toll on attention.

So why not be Zen-sible about your time; give your brain some downtime; we forget too much, too quickly, if we do not take pauses between experience.

Off line is good.


Shit across the water

August 20, 2010

Shit across the water, water, shiiit… across the sea.

Iron men from all over the world, 1700 strong, met to compete during Challenge Copenhagen only to finish with intestinal infections due to a late warning against using the ocean, before the beach of Amager, as a clean ocean.

With sewage pipes overflowing from heavy rain the ocean had an extra dose of fecal runoff and the bacteria and virus that inhabit the underground went to Sea. They always do, but normally not in such high concentrations.

Under these conditions the competing swimmers made their way through 3,8 km of infested ocean and some took ill from it.

It looked good, it felt good but it wasn’t.

Honda brings you: your life in a machine.

Mental power with material leverage…this is Genesis all over again…only locally.

You could be living out your mental life through a material mask; a steel grail for your personal will. A solid ‘persona’, all electric currents and no blood.

Hands on experience

August 6, 2010

Ted talks  must be one of the most serious, thoughtful and worthwhile places to go for well processed information about deep issues.

Here is a front seat to listen to Rebecca Saxe and ponder the implications of others being able to enter the recess of your brain with an electro magnetic current and change your state of mind;  their hands on your experience; totalitarian state delight.

After the current you will know better…

“Please tell me that you are not taking calls from the Pentagon say”

“I am not”

“I mean they are calling but I am not taking the call”

“They really are calling?”

Affirmative nodding.

So there, enhanced moral judgment at the tip of a finger;  a possible preemptive strike at aversion where it begins; temporal functional change of your brain, no scarring and no memory of the manipulation.

What might be the odds of a young scientists idealistic hope to do good with her discovery against the muscle of totalitarian pragmatism in defense of the homeland; this struggle lies in the future; place your bets.

Code red:

Compare the graph of a neutral mood against the graph of aversion.

Imagine this incident:

“Sir, we are sorry, but you have to be neutral in order to enter”.

“If you would allow us to perform a small electromagnetic discharge to your brain we could let you board the plane right after”.

“Just sign here for your consent”

“And don’t feel upset, these are just general precautions”

IMAGE SOURCE:  http://www.pnas.org/content/103/38/14200/F1.expansion.html