June 12, 2014

What is in my tomorrow

is there

in my sleep



Saturn´s seed

May 8, 2013

If Time heals all wounds, it is by this… that all Fortune finds its mate… That pain, placed upon others, shall meet out to them, in equal, its pleasure; and evil, against him, shall dispense him a fair share…


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Jung and beautiful

December 8, 2011

„Our external fates are of interest to people, what happens to us on the inside is only of interest to a friend”’

“Nuestras vidas por afuera llaman la atención de la gente, lo que sucede en nuestro interior solo interesa al amigo

„Unsere äußeren Schicksale interessieren die Menschen, die inneren nur den Freund

C. G. Jung


July 24, 2009

“You get so much from it

because you bring so much to it”

George L.