Saturn´s seed

May 8, 2013

If Time heals all wounds, it is by this… that all Fortune finds its mate… That pain, placed upon others, shall meet out to them, in equal, its pleasure; and evil, against him, shall dispense him a fair share…


All rights Exuvia 2013


Beyond trembling

April 19, 2013

Though fear will have it so… all is never lost, but this you only know… when fear has had its way… and all is lost and isn’t…

Survivors come to `die´ in the gate of the present moment, afraid since the last, afraid of the next; but Life survives such dying.

Every one arrives in shock, that gives way to fear, that gives way to trembling, that gives way to… what lies beyond trembling.


The decrepit hour

February 24, 2013

The decrepit hour

Strands of gray light call forth the feeble hour. Who remembers now his infant dawn, descending upon a frame of thought? To awaken instinct with soil, to sleep in shrouds of dust, his youthful morning rising?

No innocence left, who shall draw the blade of Truth – decry nakedness, and sound retreat to leave an empty world of stone?


October 16, 2012

How much lifetime must we get before we forget… how much is left when we discover …that time ages life as a parasite drains a host…

Flesh and blood

August 6, 2012

Bodies make no promises; they have no tomorrow, only now.

The Symbol

September 27, 2011

– Tempus Fugit –

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The symbol has turned to stone but there was a time when a fire was alive within it, a living thought. The work of a deep mind lies fallen in the dust.

El símbolo yace petrificado pero había un tiempo en el que en el ardía un fuego, un pensamiento vivo. La obra de una mente profunda esta tumbada en el polvo.

Das Symbol liegt versteinert da aber dahinter brennte einmal ein Feuer, ein lebendiger Gedanke. Das Werk einen tiefen Geistes liegt im Staub.

“The old is falling, passing. The new, almost here, taking form, replacing”

Richard Mahoney